A One Hour Cartoon & Comic Book Tour


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A special HALF TERM, one hour walking tour for families & kids' groups

The theme... superheroes from comic books & films in London

The background... The famous landmarks & history of London

Tour meets at Westminster Underground (Exit 4)



• When Batman teamed up with Sherlock Holmes, The story of Scotland Yard & How Sherlock got his famous look.

• When Wonder Woman fought alongside the great Queen Boudicca & London's Roman history

• When Spiderman AND Scooby Doo climbed Big Ben & the facts behind the world's most famous clock

 When Danger Mouse, Doctor Who and Thor splashed down in THE THAMES & the story of the London's famous river

 When Winston Churchill tried to ban comic books (!)


Blurb for Parents…This tour is a famous landmarks of London tour looking at history, architecture, famous people, politics and geography with plenty of facts & figures for kids PLUS a look at graphic story telling techniques. 

The tour visits locations featured in Marvel & DC superhero comics and movies as well as animated TV series including The Simpsons and Scooby Doo. The tour meets at Westminster tube, lasts 60 minutes and ends at the Churchill Statue in Parliament Square.


Blurb for Kids… Superheroes! In London!




• Tour costs £75 for groups with up to 15 kids

• Suitable for ages 7+

• Each group must be accompanied by at least 2 adults NOT including your guide.

• Cancelations: Tours cancelled at anytime after booking will be charged at 50% – a refund of £37.50 will be issued. Tours cancelled less than 24 hours before the tour is due to start will not be refunded.

• MEETING POINT: Westminster Tube (exit 4)


ABOUT YOUR GUIDE… Adam Scott-Goulding has 15 years experience leading walking tours in London. He is both a parent and a former primary school governor. A journalist by trade and amateur cartoonist, his all time top five favourite cartoon characters are Daffy Duck, Deadpool, Peppermint Patty & Mordecai from Regular Show.

Adam qualified with distinction as a Westminster guide and now teaches tour guiding at the University of Westminster.


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