Musical Kensington

£10.00 - £12.00

A brand NEW London Music Tour for 2020 – Musical Variations On A Theme Of Kensington.



South Kensington as we know it today was built on culture in the aftermath of the Great Exhibition if 1851. 

And music is woven into the fabric of the place - not least in the Royal Albert Hall, one of the world’s most famous concert halls. The Royal College of Music evolved out of the same era. This tour covers the 19th century and adds in Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, the Cromwellian Club of the 1960s, Freddie Mercury and Queen as well as Hubert Parry, Lloyd Webber, the wondrously ornate College of Organists and more.



Saturday 3rd May 2020

Meet at South Kensington Tube 2:30p.m 


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