Musical Marylebone

£5.00 - £15.00

A brand NEW London Music Tour for 2020 – Musical Variations On A Theme Of Marylebone.


Marylebone is one of our most fascinating musical neighbourhoods. It's ALL here - classical, folk, rock and pop, baroque, music hall. Much of Marylebone's musical heritage is right there in plain sight - others stuff not so much. You just have to know where to find the clues.

We'll find Judy Garland, composer and critic Constant Lambert and Jimi Hendrix. We'll visit the BBC to look at its role in the promotion of music in the recording age. We'll rebuild long-forgotten music halls and uncover the notorious Pleasure Garden. We'll see where Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday and where Henry Wood's legendary Prom concerts were born. 



Sunday 18th October 2020

Meet at Bond Street Tube 2:30p.m 


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