River Of Blood – The Horror & History Tour

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River Of Blood

Murder and mayhem on the banks of the Thames - a gruesome gallimaufry.

Ingredients: Some strychnine, an absolute monarch, one buried torso and a few rats; a pistol, at least two serial killers, the Metropolitan Police and a 19th Century Prime Minister; some ricin, an axe, a handful of conspiracy theories, one large Victorian sewer.

For seasoning - 2-3 ghosts/apparitions, a fancy hotel, a vampire, one suicide and several strong doses of social and political history.

Method: First things first: assassinate your 19th Century Prime Minister. When that’s done, take your first serial killer and add the strychnine and bring almost to the boil. While that’s cooking, dig up your buried torso and call the police. Then taking the axe, behead your Absolute Monarch. At this point your first Serial Killer should be ready for the conspiracy theories. Cook those together until the smell becomes pungent, then set aside. Add your rats to the sewer. Mix in the suicide. Take your pistol to the fancy hotel and stir with the second serial killer and the ricin. Sprinkle with your vampire. Scatter your ghosts/apparitions throughout and, where appropriate, add the social and political history. Blend the whole with a ferociously strong and murky tidal waterway.

Serve cold at Westminster Tube (exit 4) Tuesday nights 7.30pm (from 6th May 2020)



"Adam is an amazing guide and incredible storyteller… you cannot hope to get a better guide ***** "

rh24 Ithaca, NY TripAdvisor


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